Enlarged Liver - Symptoms, Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, Medicines

Enlarged Liver

What is the rise of the liver?

Having a liver larger than normal is a problem of liver progression. In therapeutic language, it is called "hepatomegaly".

Increasing the liver is not a disease. But this can be the reason for any such illness, such as liver deterioration, liver cancer or congestive heart failure (congestive heart failure: in the heart of the heart, due to the absence of blood in the body, due to difficulty in breathing, fatigue, in the legs Pain etc.).


Enlarged Liver Symptoms

What are the symptoms of growing liver?

Signs of the enlarged liver may not be seen.

If your liver is increasing due to some other liver disease, then there may be the following problems:

  • stomach ache
  • Fatigue
  • Sick
  • Whitishness of the skin and eyes (jaundice)

When to show the doctor?

If you are seeing these signs that you are having trouble contact the doctor.

Enlarged Liver Causes and risk factors
What are the reasons for the growing liver?

The liver is a big and football-shaped organ. This happens in the upper right side of the stomach in our body. The shape of the liver depends on the size of your age, gender, and body. This can increase due to the following reasons:

1. Liver Diseases:

  • CirrhosisCirrhosis

  • Hepatitis due to the virus - Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C - or may also be due to infectious mononucleosis.
    • Fatty liver disease
    • Abnormally high amounts of protein in the liver (amyloidosis)
    • Copper accumulation in excess of the liver (Wilson's disease)
    • Iron mass concentrations in the liver (hemochromatosis)
    • Fat accumulation in the liver (circulatory disease)
    • Eating Liquid in Liver (Liver cyst)
    • A liver tumour without risk of cancer
    • Eating Liquid in Liver (Liver cyst)
    • A liver tumour without risk of cancer
    • Obstruction of the gallbladder or the dye of the lymph (read more - gallstones)
    • Toxic hepatitis

    2. Cancer:

    Cancer that begins in another organ and spreads to the liver
    • Leukaemia
    • Liver cancer
    • Lymphoma

    3. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels:

    • Nerve impedance due to which the liquid flows through the liver
    • Heart failure
    • The fluid of the surrounding cells of the heart (pericarditis)

    Due to the increase in liver increases due to -

    If you have lever disease then your liver may increase in size. The following factors can increase the risk of your liver disease:

    Drinking too much -
    Drinking excessive alcohol can harm your liver.

    Infection -
    Diseases caused by viruses, bacteria or other bacteria can cause harm to your liver.

    Hepatitis Virus -
    Liver damage from Hepatitis A, B or C.

    Do not eat food -
    Having a high weight can increase your risk of liver disease, by eating nutritious food and eating more fat or sugar, you also have a risk of liver disease.

    Prevention of Enlarged Liver

    How to avoid growing liver?

    You can take the following measures to reduce the risk of liver diseases:

    • Nutritious diet - Eat fruits, vegetables and whole foods.

    • Drink a small amount of alcohol - ask your doctor how much is the right amount of alcohol for you.
    • Take care when taking medicines, vitamins or other medicines that are available in the body - take as much medicine as you are asked to take.
    • Stay away from chemicals - Use cleaning spray, insecticides and other chemicals in airy areas. While using chemicals, wearing dresses, gloves and masks on the entire side.
    • Be healthy - eat nutritious food and do not eat foods that contain more sugar or fat. If weight is too high, ask your doctor about ways to lose weight.
    • Do not smoke - Ask your doctor about ways to quit smoking.
    • Medicines are taken to cure nutrition in the body - Ask your doctor about medicines taken to cure nutrition in the body. Some medicines harm your liver.
    Diagnosis of Enlarged Liver

    How to test the liver growing?

    Your doctor will try to find out if your liver is growing or not by touching your stomach. They will check the size and texture of your stomach. However, just doing so is not enough to test the problem of liver progression.

    further testing-

    If your doctor feels that your liver has increased, then he may advise you to do the following test:

    • Blood Test -A blood test is done to check the level of the enzyme in the liver and to detect the virus from which there may be a problem of liver progression.
    • Imaging Test-CT scan, ultrasound or MRI is done to test the disease.
    • Magnetic resonance elastography -In this test, a device produces images to see the tightness of the liver cells by sending sound waves. These tests are done at the place of a liver biopsy.
    • Removal of cells from the liver (liver biopsy) -A large and thin needle is placed in your skin and taken to the liver. He removes sleeping cells which are sent to the laboratory for examination. This process is called a liver biopsy. 

    Enlarged Liver Treatment

    How to treat liver growing?

    Treatment of the problem of growing liver is by treating the causes of it. Your doctor may treat some of these treatments:

    • Liver failure or infections like hepatitis C
    • Chemotherapy, Operation or Radiation Therapy for Liver Cancer
    • Treatment for lymphoma or leukaemia. These treatments depend on their type, phase and your health
    • Leaving alcohol and other drugs
    Once the doctors confirm the increase of the liver, they will ask you to make changes in your lifestyle. Some changes may occur as follows:

    • Leave drinking alcohol
    • Eat health food
    • Exercise regularly
    • If you are overweight then lose weight

    Medicines for Enlarged Liver
    There are many medicines available for leveraging. But keep in mind that without consulting the doctor, please do not take any medicines. By taking medicines without the advice of a doctor, your health can be seriously damaged.
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