Amazing facts about the human body

1. Facts related to the human body

Human body is the world's most intriguing machine. There are many things about our body, which we rarely know about There are many facts related to this body, which are really shocking. Let's know some interesting things about the human body through this Sideshow.

Facts related to the human body

2. Eye story

You must hear a lot of the beauty of the eyes, but do you know that this is the only part of our body which never changes. From birth to death, the size of the human eye remains the same. However, over time its size of the lens becomes thicker. Yes, one more thing continues to grow until our ears and nose die.

Eye story

3. Brain tangency

It takes about 25 years for the brain to develop fully in humans, while it takes between 18 and 22 years for the lungs to develop completely.

Brain tangency

4. Nails talk

Men's nails grow faster than women's nails. This is due to hormones. At the same time, the pace of growing nails is faster in summer because the body gets accelerated by making vitamin D using sunlight.

Nails talk

5. Ear scum

The scum of the ear is very important for our defense mechanism. It protects the ears from many types of bacteria. Although some people do not like it at all, but it is beneficial for our body.

Ear scum

6. The difference between kidney size

The human kidneys are larger than the kidneys left. This is because the left kidney has the heart.

The difference between kidney size

7. This cell is unique

Motor neurons are the longest cells in human body. It starts from the spinal cord to the ankle and length of which can be up to 4.5 ft (1.37 m).

This cell is unique

8. Jaw is the strongest

If any kind of accident occurs then the bones are the highest, but the jaw bone is so strong that there is no effect on it. It can also bear weight of around 280 kg.

Jaw is the strongest

9. Not necessarily sleep

It is always believed that the person can not live without much time without eating. But this is the fact that a person can spend several weeks without food, but it becomes difficult to remove water without a week of sleep.

Not necessarily sleep

10. It burns all the acid

The acid formed in the stomach is so fast that it can rub the razor blade too. That is why the inner lining of the abdomen changes every third-fourth day.

It burns all the acid

11. Water is our body

Two-thirds of the weight of our body is water. It includes 92 percent water of blood, 75 percent of the brain water and 75 percent of the muscle water.

12. Feeling of taste to the tongue

There are 9000 fibers on the human tongue, so that the main flavors are recognized immediately. Salty and sweet to the tip of the tongue, sharp or sharp from the back part, the cucumber is felt by both sides of the tongue and the mixed taste is felt between the tongue between the tongue. But until the mouth saliva is found in the food, there is no feeling of taste.

Feeling of taste to the tongue

13. No camera like eyes

There are about 125 million rods and 7 million cones in the eye's retina. The rod helps in shadows and low light, while the angles are able to see in bright light and identify the colors. And this is also the fact that we look not only with our eyes but with our mind. Eyes really work on the camera

No camera like eyes

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